You will start each training session by changing into a specifically designed set of undergarments. The undergarments are designed to fit under our suits and conduct electricity. During your first, free trial session we will provide you with a set to use. Your trainer will wet down the electrodes on the suit and get you strapped into the suit.

Your trainer will ask you about any areas of concern and connect your suit to the EMS machine. You will then begin your personal training session where you will be led through a series of movements and exercises based on your comfort level and fitness goals. SmartFit’s workouts are quick, efficient and low-impact on your joints, tendons and ligaments.

The machine generates low electrical pulses that will flow through the electrodes into your major muscle groups. The stimulation feels like a tingling or buzzing sensation but it is not painful! During your workout, your trainer will be constantly asking you how you feel, how hard the movements are and if you can handle more resistance. Each and every workout is customizable to your fitness goals.

We will encourage you to take a quick water break half way through your 20-minute workout. Finally, your trainer will help you get out of the EMS training suit and you’ll change back into your street clothes. The entire process will take about 30-35 minutes.