Following rigid diet rules is hard for many people and often results in an unhealthy relationship with food. After all, how many times have you heard that there are “good foods” and “bad foods”? The phrase “eating in moderation” can muddy the waters, too, since it seems like a subjective instruction. When combining this diet approach with your fitness regimen, it’s helpful to take a closer look at what moderation means when it comes to meals.

Why “Eating in Moderation” Isn’t Just a Fad

The good news is that eating in moderation is not just another diet trend or quick fitness fix. Instead, it’s about tuning into your body’s hunger and fullness cues, also known as “mindful eating.” There are no “good” or “bad” foods when you eat in moderation, nor is it intended as another way to count calories.

Eating in moderation means enjoying the foods you’re eating and choosing meals that give you energy or make you feel good instead of lethargic or groggy. Once you become more skilled at recognizing cues, you’ll be able to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

How to Practice Moderation

What Does Eating in Moderation MeanStart by eliminating all distractions during your meal, meaning no cell phones or television. Stay present with your food and pay attention to its colors, aroma, and flavors. This is the practice of mindful eating, and it helps you be more in tune with your body’s hunger cues. When you’re not distracted by other stimuli, you’re more able to feel when your body is full.

Eating in moderation also takes the form of a balanced diet. This isn’t a rule so much as an awareness of the nutrients you’re ingesting. Are your meals mostly carb-based, like toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner? In that case, you’re probably missing out on key nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Resist the urge to label carbs as “bad” and instead practice balancing the number of carbs you eat with more fruits and veggies.

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