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What Is EMS Training?

What Is EMS Training?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a unique method of working all your major muscle groups with electrical impulses.

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Benefits of EMS Training

Benefits of EMS Training

No other training will give you such positive results in such a short period of time. 40 minutes a WEEK is all you need.

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Get The Essencial FAQs

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EMS Training: The best full body workout using electrical impulses.

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It is a form of whole body workout that utilizes low frequency electrical impulses to give you the body of your dreams in a fraction of the time. Just two 20-minute workouts a week are all you need to burn over 600 calories per session.

The workouts help build lean muscle while blasting off fat. EMS training drastically improves strength, power, and endurance, which is just one of the many reasons top athletes, such as Usain Bolt and the Bayern Munich soccer team, count on EMS for their training regimen.

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Just Two 20-Minute Workouts a Week Better Body: Better Health

Just Two 20-Minute Workouts a Week
Better Body: Better Health


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Unique & Powerful

Just Two 20 Minute Workouts-week

Just Two 20-Minute Workouts/Week

Get the body of your dreams in a fraction of the time! Transform your body with just two-20 minute workouts per week.

Maximum Results With Minimal-stress

Maximum Results with Minimal Stress

Electricity, instead of weight, is used to create resistance during the workout, which makes it extremely low impact for your joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Improve Strength Power Endurance

Improve Strength, Power & Endurance

Our suit is designed to stimulate all of the major muscle groups during your entire 20 minute session. SmartFit provides a true full body workout.

Personalized Workouts by Professionals

Personalized Workouts by Professionals

Our trainers are fully certified in our EMS technology and personal training. You will receive personalized workouts based on your level of fitness and your fitness goals.

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EMS Training in North Metro Atlanta

EMS Training in North Metro Atlanta

SmartFit is a new micro studio located in Alpharetta, GA and also serving Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Duluth, Lilburn, and all surrounding metro Atlanta cities. Here you have the unique opportunity to receive one-on-one EMS training with a certified professional trainer.

We are so confident that you will love your SmartFit experience that we offer a free trial session to all first time clients! Come give SmartFit a try for free with no obligations.

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Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed


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