Achieving fitness goals requires time and dedication. You’ll hit plateaus, encounter new challenges, and find ways to adapt throughout your journey. Documenting your progress is a great way to stay motivated. There are many benefits to keeping track of your efforts and results. Here’s a closer look.

Why You Should Track Your Progress While Working Out

1. Stick to the Plan

Whether you’re just getting started or are changing your routine, it’s helpful to have a plan written down. Document the exercise routine you’ll perform on certain days along with meal plans. These create the blueprint for your goals, and you can return to it any time you feel lost.

Start a workout journal alongside your routine. You can write notes about specific exercises and begin to compare and contrast aspects of them. It’s an excellent way to see what workouts are yielding results and which may need to be replaced.

2. Keep an Accurate View of Your Progress

3 Reasons to Document Your Fitness JourneyRelying on personal bests and before/after photos doesn’t always accurately depict progress. Many people become disheartened when they don’t reach their end goal and fail to realize how far they’ve come from their first day in the gym. Start taking photos of yourself after each fitness session. Stand in the same position at the same distance from the camera.

These photos will capture all the changes happening in your body so that you see day-to-day results rather than only the drastic long-term changes of lone before/after photos. Do the same with your personal bests. Write down the weight you use on every rep for every exercise. You’ll begin to see the gradual increase in strength and endurance.

3. Maintain Motivation

Metrics give you an idea of pace. If you’re losing one pound per week or increasing your bench press a few pounds each week, you can estimate how long it will take you to reach your ultimate goal. Many people become more motivated knowing how achievable their goals are in this context.

A plan and routine also make you accountable. You may be better motivated to finish a workout or hit the gym after a long, exhausting day. This is especially true if you’ve been sharing photos with friends and don’t want to leave a gap in the pattern. Sharing your fitness journey may go on to inspire another person, making your efforts even more rewarding.

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