Staying active is an important part of your overall health, especially as you get older. While walking and light activities have their place, sometimes real training sessions are needed to reach your weight and fitness goals. Luckily, EMS training workouts are highly beneficial to seniors. To understand why this style of exercise is commonly recommended for the golden years, consider the strain other workouts can put on your body and the advantages EMS offers.

The Challenges of Exercising as You Age

Why EMS Training Workouts Are Ideal for SeniorsAs a person ages, there are many systems and functions in the body that don’t operate as efficiently as they once did. Whether it’s a slight decline in flexibility or a reduction in strength, these physical changes can make it more challenging to complete workouts that once seemed easier.

Unfortunately, activities like running or regular aerobics can cause additional strain to the joints and muscles of the body rather than strengthening them. Finding exercises that improve range of motion, maintain stability, and strengthen the body overall are important to staying physically healthy.

The Benefits of EMS Training Workouts

Electric muscle stimulation is a style of exercise derived from physiotherapy. This form of workout uses low-frequency impulses to stimulate all muscles, producing whole-body results.

For seniors, EMS training is ideal for more than one reason. The impulses work out muscles that don’t commonly get much exercise, making it easier for older individuals to gain agility and lose weight. Additionally, the muscles become more toned with more training, delivering overall strength with minimal impact on the joints.

For individuals wanting to increase their range of motion, the electrical stimulation loosens tight muscles, making it easier to complete various stretching exercises. It’s also valuable for seniors looking to simply improve stability and make it easier to perform routine activities and day-to-day tasks. Perhaps best of all, the health effects of this training can be accomplished with only brief and infrequent 20-minute sessions.

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